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Delayed ordering

You do not have to close your orders immediately. Just add/remove items throughout the day and let the system close the order for you at the end of the day.


There are situations when you receive multiple smaller orders throughout the day and processing each order one by one separately and then asking for merging the orders is frustrating and time consuming. With delayed ordering you can collect all small orders into one big order which will even close automatically at a given time.

Each time you start to fill the basket you get the chance to set up a maximum 24 hour time frame counted from the placement of the first item into the basket.

During this time period you can add or remove items from the basket. If you forget about closing down the order there is nothing to worry about. The order will automatically close down and will be sent to us and we will send you the PI.

How it works

This option is only available for registered user, after a successfully closed down first deal.
After you added an item to your Basket, click on the “View” option under the “Shopping Basket” section. In footer section of the “My Basket” you can see that your order will be automatically discarded at a specific time if you do not enable Delayed Ordering.

In order to enable this option you need to click on the “Delayed Ordering” button. In the appearing window you need to mark the “Automatic Order Processing” option in order to enable the “Delayed Ordering”.

Then you have the option to ask for automatic notification via e-mail after the order is processed. Following that you can set the deadline until which you can keep adding new items into your basket. You also have the option to ensure the goods for an additional fee. Finally you have to select the payment method which is currently “Bank Transfer” only and click on “Save”.
Now in the footer section of the “My Basket” you can see the time when your reservation will be automatically ordered.

If you are registered and have further questions regarding this option please contact your Regional Sales Representative or the Customer Support, for unregistered users please contact Customer Support via the LIVE Chat available on our website or by calling our Call Center: +421 220 633 178.