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Employee testimonials

"Is there anything greater than being welcomed to a company, not only as an employee, but as a family member? That’s what it felt like when I joined Bluefin. This exceptional unity and the positive attitude of each person in the team makes it easier to overcome all obstacles and deal with day-to-day tasks. Not to mention all the opportunities for self-development, learning, brainstorming and travelling.

Oh, and the lovely smell of freshly made coffee waiting for you on your desk, priceless!"

Sales Representative (6+ years)

"I have finished my studies in the International Business School and got my Bachelor’s Degree from the Oxford Brooks University. After I finished my studies I spent some time abroad sailing the West Coast of the USA. Soon after I have returned, I joined the team as a Sales Assistant. Since that, I have become a Project Manager and I am responsible for developing and maintaining new business approaches that ensure efficient operation of the organization.

My motto is: Work smarter not harder."

Project Manager (5+ years)

"I graduated from Law University with a dream to become successful in business. I love to travel, adore animals and strongly believe that positive thoughts bring positive actions.

My job is fun for which I am very grateful, and also I get to work with some pretty awesome people! As the Purchase Representative I am spending company’s money and managing our requests and purchases, which is an important role. This job taught me that hard work always pays off and that you should always walk towards your goals, even with small steps."

Purchase Reperesentative (5 years)

"I finished my studies at Faculty of Economics in Serbia in 2017. Instantly I applied to work with Bluefin. I worked in our warehouse in Bratislava to learn more about the mobile phones, and now I am recording orders and keep in touch with clients. I feel happiness and fulfillment every morning when I enter the office door, because the work environment is amazing. Thankfully, the hard work we are pursuing with my colleagues makes it possible for us to achieve successes every day.

My motto is: There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way!"

Sales Assistant (1 year)