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Top Up Discount

Earn discounts for your advanced deposits!


You can earn discount for your orders up to 0,8%! All you have to do is deposit a certain amount on your bluefinmobileshop.com account and you will be eligible to get the discount.

The following levels are available:

Level 0: min. 5.000€ on account = 0,3% Discount

Level 1: min. 20.000€ on account = 0,5% Discount

Level 2: min. 50.000€ on account = 0,8% Discount

The discount is applied if the actual balance minus the value of the current order is above any of the values listed above.

Example: You have 10.000€ on your bluefinmobileshop.com balance, your actual order value is 4.000€. That will be 10.000 - 4.000 = 6.000 so you are eligible for the Level 0 discount.

Simple isn't it?

If you have questions about this service do not hesitate to contact us!