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Pay for your orders INSTANTLY via Transferwise

Besides the regular bank transfer and cash on delivery, now our clients can pay for their orders via Transferwise.

Pay for your orders INSTANTLY via Transferwise

As of 2020/09/01 our clients have the option to pay for their orders instantly via Transferwise.

This means their PAYMENT ARRIVES IN SECONDS and MUCH CHEAPER compared to a regular international bank transfer!

In order to send us payment via Transferwise all they need is our Business Name and our email address, that is it! No more need to remember our bank details.

All they have to do is:

  1. Start a transfer by clicking the Send money button
  2. At the recipient step, choose Business or charity
  3. Untick the box next to I know their bank details
  4. Enter our email (info@bluefin.sk) and full business name (Bluefin Century s.r.o.)
  5. Pay for the transfer as usual

Further details about how to pay via Transferwise can be viewed HERE.